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Why Do You Need a Will or Trust?

One good reason to set up wills, trusts and other estate planning documents is to help keep the family intact following the death of their loved one. Family dynamics can interfere with the peaceful distribution of assets and property, but with properly executed estate planning documents, this problem can be avoided. Wills and trusts can help you create your legacy to the family and allow for an orderly and structured passage of your estate to the heirs of your choice.

David J. Collier Attorney at Law

David Collier has been interested in legal issues related to estate planning and distribution throughout his 20-year career in real property as a title company owner, and more recently during his legal career. He has excellent knowledge of the practical application of the law, and he will work closely with you to set up all the important estate documents you need.

Without wills, trusts and other properly filed documents, your estate may land in Probate Court and be assigned to a stranger for administration and distribution.

Working with David Collier on Your Will or Trust

Clients quickly learn that David Collier values prompt action and gives practical advice they can trust. Setting up a will or trust is an essential element of all estate planning, even when clients only have a small estate. Final wishes can only be followed if you have a will or trust document prepared and ready for use when needed.

Wills and Trusts Attorney

Wills and trusts are considered to be the cornerstone of estate planning. Your will designates heirs to your assets and property after you die. If you are incapacitated and unable to manage your financial affairs, a trust can place control of your financial matters in the hands of the person you select, rather than someone appointed in Probate Court.

Will and Trust Consultation

Contact David now at his law office on Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa to discuss how wills and trusts can protect your assets and property. He offers reasonable flat fees and personal attention to your concerns.