Trust Administration

Why Get Legal Help When Administering a Trust?

Persons appointed by a loved one to administer their trust following death or due to incapacity may not fully understand all the regulations that apply to trusts. You may believe it is easy to distribute assets, manage financial affairs and perform other duties as a trust administrator. In reality, this is a difficult job with many potential problems, including challenges in probate.

David J. Collier Attorney at Law

With over 20 years of experience managing and owning a successful title and escrow business, plus his subsequent legal education, David J. Collier is the ideal professional to call for legal assistance with trust administration. He also understands potential problems that are often presented by family dynamics following the death of a loved one.

Working with David Collier on Trust Administration

Clients call the Santa Rosa, California, law office of David Collier for high quality legal assistance when they are left in charge of a trust. Distributing an estate as trustee of a trust is easier than wading through a long and intensive Probate Court process, but it still is not a cakewalk for the person named as trustee.

David enjoys helping clients get through complex legal matters. He wants them to understand the process and get the best results possible, including prompt distribution, accurate accounting, and family cohesion. He values prompt action and has practical advice for clients when they need it most.

Trust Administration Attorney

Attorney Collier’s main focus in his legal practice today, along with real estate, deals with all areas of estate planning and estate administration, with a special emphasis on real property, wills, trusts and Probate matters. His  fees are reasonable for every budget, and he is always available to clients. David enjoys working closely with clients, making sure they understand the various legal processes involved in estate and trust administration.

Consultation on Trust Administration

Contact David J. Collier to get experienced legal advice for all trust administration matters. Your loved one has entrusted you with a most important job of managing their assets, property and financial affairs after their death, or because they are unable to do so themselves due to incapacity. Do the job right with exceptional legal assistance.