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Santa Rosa Real Estate Attorney

Why Consult with a Real Estate Attorney?

California real estate laws are complex and cover a broad range of issues from titles to water and mineral rights and more. Real property rules are varied and complex, whether you are buying or selling real property, sharing ownership as tenants-in-common, or obtain an easement from your neighbor. The advice of a highly qualified and experienced real estate attorney is highly beneficial and a must for anyone who wants to have peace of mind knowing their property is protected by properly prepared documentation and strong legal representation.

David J. Collier Attorney at Law

Clients turn to Santa Rosa, California, Attorney David Collier for legal representation and advice from a professional who offers practical advice and prompt action for all real estate matters.

David has over 20 years of experience in real estate, including 18 years as a manager/owner of a successful title insurance and escrow company. This in-depth real property experience, along with his excellent legal education, makes working with David a pleasure for Sonoma County real estate clients. He is easy to communicate with and wants clients to completely understand issues related to their real property transactions.

Working with David on Real Estate Matters

David’s clients enjoy working on their real estate matters because he takes the time to learn about their situation and craft unique solutions that meet all local and state laws that apply to real property. He has a friendly style and is always accessible to his clients throughout Northern California.

Expertise in Real Estate Law

David J. Collier can help you with all real estate title and drafting matters including:

  • Contracts
  • Disclosures
  • Buying or selling property without a realtor
  • Quiet title
  • Tax sales
  • Easements
  • Road maintenance agreements
  • Boundary agreements
  • Tenants-in-common  or shared ownership agreements
  • Water and mineral rights
  • Foreclosures

California real estate laws affect all types of property, such as mobile homes, condominiums, farms, businesses and residential and commercial property. Managing sales, transfers or purchases of real estate is a job that requires specific knowledge of applicable laws. David J. Collier is the Santa Rosa, California real estate attorney with the right background to help you get the results you want.

Avoid Making an Expensive Mistake

Don’t get bogged down in details or make expensive mistakes. For legal representation, advice or consultation on your real estate situation, contact David for a consultation at his law office on Santa Rosa Avenue in downtown Santa Rosa.