What is Probate?

Even when a will or trust designates you as the administrator, the estate proceedings may wind up in Probate Court for legal actions necessary for you to act. You need legal representation from an experienced Probate Attorney to help you through this confusing and lengthy process and to ensure that you have done everything required. Wills and trusts and proper estate planning generally keep estate assets and property out of Probate Court management. But, if the estate has $150,000 or more in assets to be passed by a will, or there is no will, Probate is probably required.

David J. Collier Attorney at Law

When you call upon the legal services of David J. Collier, you gain the support and knowledge of a caring professional who will offer you practical advice. He values prompt action and will take the time to explain even the most complex legal issues to you. His job is to make passing through Probate smooth and trouble free for clients. He understands peace of mind comes from knowing that estates and assets will be handled according to client wishes after they die or if they become incapacitated and gives the time, attention, and care needed to fully represent his Sonoma County clients.

Working with David Collier

Clearing an estate and transferring title of assets or property to heirs must be done according to specific rules and regulations in California. David has helped hundreds of clients with real estate and probate related matters.

Clients enjoy working with an attorney who is kind, friendly, and available to communicate with whenever they need legal advice about probate or other estate issues.

Probate Attorney

An extensive background in title transfers, real property matters and estate planning and administration gives David the knowledge and experience needed by a probate attorney. He works closely with clients, offering options based on practical application of California law to individual situations. He also understands the impact that the death of a loved one has upon a family and how important it is to leave valid estate documents behind in order to maintain an intact family.

Probate Consultation

Estate documents that will clear probate without problems will benefit your loved ones. Start now, with an initial consultation at the law office of David J. Collier on Santa Rosa Avenue in downtown Santa Rosa. His fees are reasonable, and you will get the individual attention you deserve from a probate attorney.